On this project we had a customer come to us with the desire to test four motors at one time with a simple push button procedure.   The testing of these was far from an easy procedure but we took on the task.  The end product was a touch screen test station with a fully programmed test procedure and capability to test four motors at a time.  In this test each motor turns up to 14000 rpms and over 3500 psi.  The other variables of this test there were two different tank temperatures and also a test where the tanks had to be charge to 500psi. There also was a variable of pressure and speeds that ranged from 250-3500psi and rpm ranges from 1000 to 14000rpms.  In each of these speeds and pressures they were programmed to automatically go through the test with a simple push of the button.  We did everything in house and were able to not only meet but exceed our customers expectations.

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-Jess Duncan